Home charging made super-easy!

Liisa Lyyra, who drives an electric car in Helsinki and its surroundings, charges her vehicle with the Ensto One Home charging device. Ensto One Home delivers on its promises: overnight charging at home is super-easy and safe, and in the morning the car is ready for the day’s adventures.

Electric cars are steadily gaining in popularity, and most drivers charge their vehicle at home overnight. The Finnish Information Centre of Automobile Sector conducted a mail and online survey to study the use of electric vehicles and the preferred charging methods in Finland. According to the results, the main reasons for purchasing an electric vehicle include low emission levels and the availability of home charging technology, with up to 90% of the respondents stating that the possibility of charging their car at home was one of the deciding factors.

For example, Liisa Lyyra is happy with the no-fuss operation of her home charging device.

“I was positively surprised to see how easy it is to charge my car with the Ensto One Home charging device. Home charging is hassle-free and extremely simple and easy. The device was quick to commission, and it’s also extremely easy to use.

Charging begins as soon as I insert the charging plug in the car’s socket and the indicator light changes from green to blue. Another smart innovation is the automatic locking feature, which means that the plug can’t be disconnected during charging without verification,” says Lyyra.

Driving an electric vehicle and charging it at home helps save money. Lyyra explains, “Using the car, insuring it, and charging it with the housing company’s power supply works out to be much cheaper than driving a gasoline-powered car. Maintenance costs too are low because electric vehicles have long intervals between scheduled maintenance. I use a fully electric car for commuting and leisure travel. I clock up about 1,500 kilometers a month, and I charge my car every five or six days. I charge the car overnight so it is ready to use in the morning. Of course, just a couple of hours’ charging already takes you a long way.”

An ideal solution for home charging

Ensto One Home makes home charging safe and easy. For safety reasons, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency recommends home charging for hybrid and fully electric vehicles. When installed by a qualified professional, home charging stations are designed to withstand the high charging current, enabling rapid charging and monitoring of electricity consumption.

Lyyra describes the installation of the Ensto One Home charging station as proceeding smoothly: “I called the housing company manager to ask for permission to have the charger installed, and that permission was documented at a housing company meeting. Ensto One Home was delivered as a package directly to my front door, and an electrician inspected the housing company’s electrical center before the device was installed in the carport. It didn’t take a professional long to do, and commissioning the device was easy. Ensto One Home has been designed for easy use and charge at home. The system is suitable for everyone, so there’s no reason to feel hesitant about using it. It’s also reasonably priced, and, again, a professional can install it quickly.”

She adds, “Ensto One Home has been tried and tested, and it is safe to use. I feel that the designers have given careful consideration to both appearance and safety. The delivery included a document signed by the person who inspected the device, complete with a checklist with all the items checked off. I have complete trust in Finnish companies such as Ensto and rely on their quality. On a scale of 4 to 10, I’d give Ensto One Home a grade of 10-. I would propose including a quick guide with the device. That’s the only improvement I can think of, since the system is so smart and it does exactly what it says on the box.”

P.S. Ensto would like to thank Liisa Lyyra for her proposal, and we will bear it in mind.

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