Finnish Gistele trusts in Ensto Clampo Pro terminals

Gistele, established 34 years ago, manufactures high-quality power supply systems and automation centers for various areas of building and heavy industry, such as shipbuilding, metal, energy and forestry.

Gistele has used Ensto terminals in their switchboards for over 10 years. They use various Ensto terminals, but Ensto Clampo Pro is particularly favored. Tapio Aro-Heinilä, Managing Director at Gistele, characterizes the terminals as follows: ‘The Ensto Clampo Pro is a very good terminal series. The terminals are easy to install and are robust in structure. They are also safe and of high-quality. And the design is pleasing on the eye.’

The Ensto Clampo Pro terminals, suitable for both aluminum and copper conductors, are used in various switchboards designed for, e.g., industrial, building and garden lighting applications. Gistele also operates as an Ensto distributor in the Turku region, providing terminals for local customers on a daily basis from their office premises.

Cooperation with Ensto has been continuing for years. Besides terminals, Ensto provides Gistele with enclosing solutions and other industrial components. Aro-Heinilä describes the nature of the cooperation: ‘Cooperation with Ensto is very satisfying, as they always try to take the customer’s needs into consideration’.

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