Ensto PolyBox enclosures for dairy farm in New Zealand

Ensto PolyBox enclosures in action at dairy farm in New Zealand!


The Ensto PolyBox enclosure range is developed for demanding industrial environments requiring a high degree of protection and extreme durability. The rugged and reliable enclosures are now in operation on a dairy farm in New Zealand.


The new Ensto PolyBoxes are now in full action in New Zealand! The rugged, reliable and long lifetime enclosures are perfect for dairy farm operations due to its excellent dirt and moisture resistance and high impact strength.

Our customer tells us that the enclosure was the most obvious choice for an effluent pump-operating device for the dairy farm, as it is designed to be able to rough it out in the toughest and most demanding environments. The robust enclosure can withstand the farm environment with ease and the superior hydrophobic gasket will stop any damaging moisture, even if the box is not latched shut properly.


More than a box – all the benefits in one enclosure!


Ensto PolyBox in short:


  • Nonmetallic enclosure design with new stylish and robust feel and look.
  • Light and tough – excellent impact and fire resistance
  • Technical features and approval on high level
  • Multiple modification possibilities:
    • Holes & cutouts
    • Threads & countersinking
    • Name Tags and markings


Safe and sturdy solution - perfect for farm life!

Because the Ensto PolyBox is rated at IP69 and an IK rating of 10, it means that the box can more than cope with a farm environment. By utilizing the enclosure, the farmer now has a safe, sturdy, waterproof, New Zealand UV-rated solution that would have been hard to replicate and beat.