Ensto Clampo terminals used in switchgears

Ensto has cooperated with AREX Sp. z o.o, a part of WB Group, for many years. Ensto has provided a broad selection of industrial terminals. Ensto Clampo terminals are successfully used in switchgears that work in two basic systems offered by AREX:

  • electric heating system of point switches and lighting control system of railway areas - DIMaC ®-EK - used for many years for the entire Polish, as well as Lithuanian and Estonian railway industry,
  • urban lighting control system - DIMaC ®-QM - used mainly in the city of Białystok.

An easy installation, excellent combination of copper and aluminum conductors and a wide range of temperature resistance make Ensto terminals very attractive to customers. Furthermore, Ensto offers high quality products at competitive prices.

All deliveries were performed in a professional, friendly, helpful and timely manner, complying with all arrangements. Moreover, Ensto shows an exceptional care of customers. Quick response, good understanding of the business and the professionalism of the company representatives definitely distinguish Ensto on the market.

All above make the future cooperation look bright.

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