Energy savings and comfort with new retail lighting!

Energy savings and comfort with new retail lighting!

In conjunction with the renovation of the grocery store, the old lighting was replaced with Ensto’s Tino LED luminaires. It was necessary to raise the store’s lighting level to meet modern expectations as well as to reduce energy consumption.

The Yliveto K-Supermarket at Vantaa in Finland was renovated to conform to the new look for K-Supermarket chains. The updated look is modern and casual Ensto provided stylish lighting fit for the store. The energy-efficient Ensto Tino LED luminaire, designed for long-term store use, was chosen for the location.

The energy-efficient Tino LED luminaire

K-ryhmä is a member of the retail industry’s energy efficiency agreement action programme. According to the agreement, K-ryhmä is committed to reducing its energy consumption by 7.5% through various measures. The LED luminaires were chosen for the updated store in order to provide energy savings. With the DALI controls the lighting current can be adjusted according to need.

  • The store’s lights go on and off quickly, and single luminaires can also be turned off when necessary. ‘User comfort is much better when compared to the use of fluorescent lighting’, says area manager Jari Topra from Ensto.

Tino is an energy-efficient IP44 LED allround luminaire

The wide optical and output range enable Tino’s versatile use in a variety of locations. The areas of use vary from supermarkets to logistic centers and parking halls.

  • Switching to LED lighting produces energy savings.
  • The colour display is better than in fluorescent luminaires; colours are displayed more appealingly in the store and on products.
  • DALI controls, adjustment of the lighting output
  • User convenience, low need for maintenance

Delivered to the location: Ensto Lighting Tino LED allround luminaires
Time of completion: summer 2017
Electrical designer: Sähkö Pietikäinen

  • Customer feedback about the new lighting has been 100% positive


Tino LED