A smart EV charging solution at an apartment house makes life easier

Satu Lehtonen lives in Lahti, Finland in an apartment house, which had several Ensto One EV charging devices installed in its yard. The charging devices were complemented with the EV Manager system, resulting in a smart, comprehensive solution. Specifically designed for apartments, this solution offers several useful features, including device and user management and the creation of user-specific consumption reports.

Completed in 2019, the apartment house opted for an EV charging solution supplied by Ensto.

“We went ahead with the EV charging device procurement process as the number of electric vehicles in the building increased from two in spring to four in fall,” explains Satu Lehtonen, adding “I bought my plug-in hybrid in March and I’ve been happy with it. My daily commute is a bit over 18 miles each way, so I’ve put plenty of miles on my car. I’ve had positive experiences with electric charging. The first things that spring to mind are low-cost and quick and easy charging operations. Charging is reliable and easy. When I come home from work, all I need to do is connect my car to the cable that is affixed to the charging device.”

 “The EV Manager management system is easy to operate if you have ever used any software. The apartment house uses EV Manager for monitoring the charging device status and energy consumption, allowing us to obtain device-specific electricity consumption data. The next step is to carry out invoicing via EV Manager. This is a new system for our building and we are proceeding one step at a time,” explains Lehtonen.

 Manage your building’s charging devices easily with EV Manager

  • Fully compatible with Ensto’s EV charging devices
  • Clearly indicated charging device status and consumption
  • Easy management of existing charging devices and users and addition of new ones
  • MID meter on the charging device enables invoicing on the basis of consumption (kWh)
  • User-specific consumption reports and PDF invoices sent directly to users via e-mail
  • Option to implement RFID user authentication



The property developer anticipated the increasing popularity of electric vehicles

Known for its wooden row houses and detached houses, Karisto is a pleasant residential district in Lahti, Finland. This modern residential area is still being developed and expanded. Hämeen Kiinteistökehitys, which acted as the developer for the apartment house, is planning to build more residential buildings in Karisto, where Satu also lives with her family. The company is thinking of installing EV charging solutions in its future projects as well.

“When the row houses were at the design stage three years ago, we anticipated the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. Because of this, we included the option for electric vehicle charging in the electrical plan, which was recommended by the designer and installer. At that point, the investment only amounted to a few dozen euros. Now that the building is installing EV charging devices, no excavation work for cables is required,” explains property developer Jarno Virtanen from Hämeen Kiinteistökehitys.

“I think it is important that there are functional charging solutions available on the market and that prices find their appropriate level as EV vehicles gain popularity. EV charging devices increase the value of the property, and I am certain that having a charging solution makes the property more sellable,” says Virtanen.

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