Velox Frameless - Unlimited light for all spaces at home

Ensto’s new Velox Frameless luminaire range offers comprehensive lighting solutions for residential properties. With their lightweight and frameless design, the luminaires blend in with the ceiling structures and make an elegant interior design feature, even when they’re not on. Velox Frameless luminaires are available as round and rectangular models.

Ensto’s Velox Frameless luminaires offer beautiful, even lighting, thanks to their frameless design. They blend in with their surroundings, regardless of the ceiling solution. Clean-lined and modern in design, they have no unnecessary, distracting features. Designed for general lighting in residential properties, Velox Frameless is an LED luminaire range that includes round lighting fixtures in four sizes, in addition to the rectangular model.

‘With Velox Frameless, the only limit is your imagination. Frameless luminaires are a new innovation and their elegant design has been met with a warm welcome. You can use these luminaires to create a lighting solution that best suits the space and brings various areas of your home together,’ says Janne Anderson, Ensto Lighting’s product manager.

‘Why not use luminaires of various sizes as an interior design element and create a unique style by placing them in the same space? These luminaires can be used as a design feature as well as a source of light. The Velox Frameless luminaires are stylish, with their soft, rounded shape. The rectangular model is also mounted in a round opening, which makes it easier to install,’ explains Anderson.  

The frameless Velox luminaires go well with modern and classical decorating styles alike in both new and renovated houses. With the Velox Frameless luminaires, you can give a unified appearance to the different areas of an open-plan space. ‘The largest Velox Frameless luminaires (30 W / 2,000 lumen) offer efficacy values that also make them suitable for use in corridors and dressing rooms in commercial premises,’ says Anderson.

Ensto offers a wide range of dimming options for its luminaires. 1-10V, push button, DALI and basic light solutions are just some of our control system options.

Because of their structure, Velox Frameless luminaires are suitable for use in humid conditions in utility rooms, bathrooms and toilets (IP44).  Utility rooms are often long and narrow in shape, which makes it particularly important to find a sufficient lighting solution for them.  With their opal diffusers, Velox Frameless luminaires provide efficient and bright lighting for your household chores. As a standard feature, Velox Frameless come with a Triac dimmable driver that enables you to adjust the lighting to create the right atmosphere. The luminaires are delivered with connection box to enable easy electrical connection and looping of the luminaires, which ensures speedy installation.   

See the table of control systems on Ensto’s website to check which are suitable for use with Velox Frameless luminaires. To learn more about the Velox Frameless product range, watch our video:

More detailed product information is available here.

Velox Frameless

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