Two robust lighting solutions - Line and Tube

Ensto is expanding its range of industrial luminaires with two new models. The Line and Tube luminaires offer sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for multiple general lighting needs. ‘The features shared by all these luminaires are high quality and excellent performance. We wanted to offer our customers more options to choose from. The new Line and Tube luminaires are suited to a wide range of uses, from machine rooms to multi-storey car parks and meeting the lighting needs of demanding production spaces. These luminaires, intended and specifically designed for the domestic market’s applications and installation methods, are thoroughly tested and safe to use’, says Ensto’s Product Manager Marko Tykkyläinen.

Ensto’s wide range of industrial luminaires brings sustainable lighting technology to your projects. With a wide range of light-distribution and luminous-flux options, these products are suitable for a number of applications, from work stations to the highest storage spaces. Line and Tube – two robust solutions ​for multiple applications:

  • Line for storage spaces, machine rooms, and corridors 
  • Tube for garages, car parks, and outdoor storage areas


Line – maintenance-free operation for years to come

The cost-effective Line luminaire, suitable for numerous applications, is quick and easy to install, and it offers maintenance-free operation for years ahead. This clean-lined luminaire with a pleasing appearance offers an optimised solution for general lighting, and it is ideally suited to use in basic lighting for storage spaces, machine rooms, and corridors.

Line’s diffuser and its housing equipped with fixed LED lights are made of sturdy polycarbonate. The luminaire is easy to install on the ceiling or a suspension rail with quick clamping. A through wired model, Line can be connected to other units by both ends. The colour temperature is 4,000 K, Ra>80, and the ambient temperature range is -30 °C to 50 °C. For the LED module, the service life is 50,000 hours (L80) and Ta = 25 °C. Protection class IP66, IK08. On/off control.

Tube – a cost-efficient luminaire for a wide range of applications

The durable and cost-efficient Tube is a suitable luminaire for many applications. The high-quality, leak-proof, and through wired Tube is easy to install and is highly suitable for garages, car parks, and outdoor storage spaces. 

It comes with stainless steel fasteners and a polycarbonate housing and diffuser. With guaranteed Ensto quality, the Tube luminaire is a through wired -lighting solution – it can be connected in series at both ends. The luminaire is very fast to attach to either the ceiling or a suspension rail. The light source is a fixed LED module with a service life of 50,000 hours (L70), Ta = 25 °C, and the colour temperature is 4,000 K, Ra>80. The unit’s ambient temperature range is -30 °C to 45 °C, and its protection class is IP65, IK08. Control systems: on/off and DALI. 

Our extensive range of products offers suitable solutions for any project.

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