Tip of the month: Accessories for Diana

Did you know, that many of our products can be equipped with functional or decorative accessories? At this time we’ll introduce you to Diana’s selection, our panel transforms into many different ways.

Standard Diana Flat LED can be installed recessed into T-bar ceiling, but we also have surface mounting frame (all sizes) or special frame for solid ceiling (6x6). If your ceiling is high, our suspension kit (6x6 and 3x12) will help you to bring the light lower.

How does it look?
Diana Flat LED is square of origin, but if you like more softer or rounder figures, we have something for you. Round Plate for Diana (6x6) will transform your square Diana’s light into a beautiful round light, fast and easy.

These accessories and the wide Diana Flat LED range can be found from here:

Diana Flat LED