The Jono LED range updated

Ensto’s extensive Jono LED range consists of up-to-date and modern lighting solutions that offer cost-efficiency throughout their entire life cycles, from purchase and use to maintenance.

Jono luminaires of type AVR66 can be used to build a wide range of lighting systems. The product family offers a variety of technical solutions to suit various applications and efficacy, length and control requirements.

They are suitable for homes, offices and storage spaces alike. The luminaires are an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen luminaires or installed as a long line in corridors and staircases or in car shelters and garages.

The LED luminaires in the range are available in three connected loads and in two colour temperatures, 3,000K and 4,000K. With these colour temperatures, the lighting systems’ connected loads and luminous fluxes are 10W (895 lm and 950 lm), 15W (1,342 lm and 1,425 lm), and 20W (1,790 lm and 1,900 lm). The LED luminaires’ lifespan is 60,000 hours.

The standard control systems are 1–10V, DALI and direct switch. The models with a sensor function utilise either PIR or radar technology, and come equipped with a basic light feature. In addition, Jono LEDs are available with an integrated one-hour battery back up.

For further information, contact: Toni Anttila, Product Manager, Ensto Lighting Oy, 
tel. +358 44 328 5344, toni.anttila(at), 

Picture: Ensto Lighting Oy.

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