The best in its class – general lighting for schools and offices

With its advanced lighting technology, Ensto Primus provides a versatile and efficient project luminaire for schools and offices. The Primus general luminaire has a wide range of features that make it easily adaptable to many kinds of projects. Its clean-lined housing structure offers extensive possibilities for customization regarding controls, electrification, and installation. The best in its class, Primus offers an excellent solution for general lighting.

Studies show that the amount of light in a space improves results for both working and studying. Adaptable premises at school and at work and working at a workstation or on a tablet place special requirements on lighting these days. Lighting conditions affect your alertness, both at work and at school. Primus offers an adaptable, versatile solution for these environments. 

“The design of Primus makes it a timeless option for general lighting. The comprehensive Primus product family has been designed with the user in mind. It includes over 300 different lighting options and offers a vast range of options for various uses in schools and work environments. Primus luminaires meet all lighting-technical criteria and requirements set by these environments, and is an excellent option for general lighting,” shares product manager Marko Tykkyläinen.



The elegant, slender housing structure in Primus offers a wide range of possibilities for customization regarding controls, electrification, and installation alike. 

“We developed a handy tool to facilitate customization of Primus products with their wide range of options. Simply use the code keys to select the features you want, and you will get the product code directly, without the need to browse tables – it’s fast and easy,” explains Tykkyläinen. 

Primus luminaires come in two lengths, a low-luminance louvre, and a micro-prismatic version. You can select illumination with downlight, or a combination of downlight and uplight with different shares. In addition, you can select the efficacy, tone, color rendering and make use of various other control options. The tool developed particularly for Primus greatly facilitates making these choices: 

  • 2 sizes (1,200 mm, 1,500 mm) 
  • Low-luminance louvre/micro-prismatic optics
  • Downlight models for surface and wire-suspension mounting, downlight and uplight models 70/30 and 50/50
  • Efficacy, tone, color rendering, control systems  
  • Standard color white, also available in black for projects.

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