Smart heating with Beta heaters

Ensto’s high-quality Beta heaters are available with a smart electronic thermostat for easier operation. Thanks to this technology, the heating can be controlled also via the handy Ensto Heat Control application. With a few clicks the temperature can be amended, and adjustments can be made for holidays and calendar programs. Enjoy comfortable living with home electrification.

The Beta heaters offer an ideal heating solution for homes. Heating control provide comfort and helps save energy. Ensto’s heaters meet the Ecodesign requirements for energy-efficiency, thanks to features such as week-based calendar control. The heaters can be controlled locally via mobile devices, with the calendar scheduling feature enabling savings of up to 40% on energy consumption. Let’s enjoy a warm indoor environment when the weather outside gets colder.

Beta heaters for New buildings and renovation

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Smart control
  • Safety

Responding quickly to temperature changes caused by other heat sources, Beta heaters are an ideal heating solution for a broad range of different spaces. Because they heat room air rather than the building’s structures, they achieve nearly 100% efficiency. Since these heaters are efficient at converting energy to heat, they create a pleasant temperature quickly. Thanks to their low surface temperature and overheating-protection, all Ensto heaters are safe to use. 

  • Double-insulated
  • Fixed installation 
    • Wall bracket connection and junction box 
    • Wall bracket with Euro plug 
  • Extremely accurate (+/-0.1°C) and completely silent intelligent thermostat
  • Control also via Ensto’s Heat Control application (Android and iOS)
  • Versatile energy-saving features and monitoring
  • External temperature changes (controlled via the Ensto Heat Control application)
  • Wireless slave function (for up to 10 heaters) 
  • Standby consumption of <0.3 W   
  • Degree of protection, IP21 or IP24
  • Input voltage of 230 V 
  • RAL 9010 colour 

Ensto’s Heat Control application 

Ensto heaters and underfloor heating systems are equipped with a smart electronic thermostat that enables their control via a mobile device. Smart heating control provide comfort and flexibility. With Ensto’s Heat Control app, you can control Ensto`s electric heaters and underfloor heating thermostats equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can create a weekly or longer-term program for your desired period, as well as being able to track their impact on your home’s energy consumption. With the application, your home's heating system can be controlled easily, efficiently, and reliably. 

The Beta heaters are equipped with smart electronic thermostats (for 5–30 °C) that can be controlled manually or with Ensto’s Heat Control application (for Android and iOS). The Ensto Heat Control application permits calendar control, boost and holiday function, and also the monitoring of heating consumption. Download the Ensto Heat Control App from App Store or Google Play Store!

When your home heating system needs updating, Ensto will find solutions that are easy to install. Read more about our heaters:

The Ensto Beta-EB, with electronic thermostat and junction box, IP21/IP24

The Ensto Beta-EP, with an electronic thermostat and plug, IP21


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