Ensto One – Smart EV charging for apartments

Ensto One is setting the bar high, offering super-easy EV charging for apartments. The Ensto One solution delivers on its promises: it’s a smart and safe charging solution that looks elegant too. It is also super-easy to install and control. Charge up, and get ready for a super-cool electric driving experience!

Ensto is launching a new, super-smart Ensto One EV charging device. When used in combination with EV Manager, Ensto One meets all apartment buildings’ EV charging needs, whether the users drive hybrid or fully electric cars. “Ensto One, combined with EV Manager, offers an ideal comprehensive solution for shared use. Thanks to its full range of features, it provides easy and efficient management of devices, users, and the functions that are important for apartment buildings, and it enables user-specific consumption reports,” explains Ensto product manager Päivi Linteri. Ensto One makes things easy for apartments. All you need to do is choose the model that bests suits your requirements from our wide range of options, and then you’re all set for enjoying an easy EV charging experience! 

A super-easy EV charging solution for apartment buildings to use

The Ensto One EV charging device is easy to install, use, and control. Ensto One is designed in line with the latest EV charging standards, and thanks to its 3.6 kW and 7.4kW versions, you can always select a suitable charging power for your hybrid or fully electric car. The basic version is equipped with a Type 2 socket, but we also offer a model that has a Schuko socket with a timer switch along with the Type 2 socket. In addition, we offer Ensto One models with a fixed Type 2 cable.
“Ensto One delivers on its promise of value – and its design has met with praise, and the installed system looks stylish. Also, installers say it’s extremely easy to install,” says Linteri.



Super-easy installation... Ensto One is quick and easy to install on either a wall or an Ensto One pole specifically designed for the device. Commissioning takes just minutes, and the charging current is easy to control with the Ensto Charger Control mobile app. The app makes it possible to perform the device’s basic configuration quickly and easily on the installation site.

  • The Ensto Charger Control mobile app for installer use (Bluetooth)
  • Via the app, easy restriction of the permitted rated current and updates to the device software
  • Leakage current detection pursuant to the ICE 61851-1 standard (RDC-DD, 6 mA) 
  • A built-in residual current circuit-breaker, or RCBO (overload and type A ground-fault interruption, 30 mA),
    in a safe location behind a locked panel 
  • Quick and easy installation on a wall, an existing pole (Ø 60 mm), or a pole designed specifically for the device


Super easy charging… All you need to do is connect the cable! Type 2 sockets are the most commonly used method for charging a hybrid or electric car. Ensto One is equipped with an integrated direct-current circuit-breaker, protection against excessive current, and MID-approved energy meter.

  • Clear indicator lights (red, green, and blue) 
  • Compatibility with all modern plug-in cars (Mode 3 / Type 2) 
  • An MID-compliant energy consumption meter, behind a locked, hinged door


Super-easy management... Used in combination with the intuitive and easy-to-use EV Manager, Ensto One makes the management of shared-use charging devices simple and enables using RFID and creating user-specific consumption reports. 

  • User identification with an RFID/NFC card 
  • User-specific consumption reports
  • Dynamic load control 

Ensto One is a new, comprehensive range of EV charging devices that offers everything you need for home charging. Ensto One was designed for apartments and multiple users while the product family’s Ensto One is ideal for single-family houses. 

“We want to enable the creation of a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure for wherever people go, to make life better for individuals and businesses. The charging solutions we design offer lifelong value for their users, owners, and operators alike,” says Linteri. The electric driving experience starts at home.

The new Ensto One will be launched on September 15 and will be available from wholesalers and authorized dealers.


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