New Velox Deco – one of three complementary product families

Velox panels - Velox Deco - Velox Frameless  

Ensto’s Velox luminaire range will be complemented with the Velox Deco product family. Designed for general lighting, the extensive Velox range offers elegant solutions for modern and classic decor alike. Velox Deco complements the range by bringing additional elegance and poise. Deco’s stylish design and recessed light source create a soft atmosphere. Velox Frameless offers beautiful illumination for all spaces at home – without limits. Velox panels provide diverse and efficient downlights for homes and public buildings alike. Designed for general lighting applications, the Velox range offers a high-quality solution for both new buildings and renovation projects.

  •         for general lighting
  •         for homes and public buildings
  •         for new and renovated buildings

Take your ambient lighting to a new level with Velox panels

The Ensto Velox product range is designed to offer comprehensive LED lighting solutions for residential properties, including general, task, spot and accent lighting. Velox LED panels are an ideal general lighting choice for new and renovated homes and public buildings. They blend in with the decor in all spaces, from utility rooms to bedrooms. With their opal diffusers, Velox luminaires provide efficient and bright lighting for day-to-day chores. With Velox LED panels, you can achieve dimmable ambient lighting for your home, whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one. The dimmer feature enables you to achieve the right level of illumination. The Velox product range includes round and rectangular models in various sizes, which are available with surface and recess mounts. The recess-mounted models are also suitable for damp spaces (IP44). The colour options are classic white and elegant grey.

Velox Deco for soft ambient lighting

The new Velox Deco product family will complement the Velox panel range.  The elegant design and recessed light source of the new Velox Deco range create soft ambient lighting without glare. With the stylish and well-designed accessories, the luminaires can also be surface mounted. With its modern and clean-lined appearance, Ensto’s Velox Deco makes an elegant design element. Deco luminaires are suitable for a variety of ceiling structures and they blend in with the decor at home and in work and office spaces. With their even, high-quality light output, Velox Deco panels are an ideal choice for both new buildings and renovation projects, whether decorated in a modern or classic style. Ensto’s Velox Deco range includes rectangular models that are ideal for decor with geometrical design, along with beautiful, round downlight models in a fresh white colour. Deco luminaires are available in a rectangular model (180 mm) and in a round version in three sizes (120 mm, 180 mm and 240 mm). Velox Deco luminaires are suitable for both surface and recessed mounting.

Ensto DualWhite luminaires – one luminaire, two colour temperatures

Velox panels and the new Velox Deco, which offer comprehensive solutions for general lighting at home, are now available with a DualWhite feature, providing integrated 3,000 K and 4,000 K colour temperature options in single luminaire. The fitter selects the colour temperature in conjunction with installation, ensuring that you always have the right lighting solution to suit the project and the customer. Providing two colour temperatures in a single package, the Dual White solution offers you more options to choose from and saves space for wholesalers, collection points and installers. 

  •         3,000 K = warm white light
  •         4,000 K = neutral white light 

Velox Frameless – Unlimited light for all spaces at home

Ensto’s Velox Frameless luminaire range offers comprehensive lighting solutions for residential properties. With their lightweight and frameless design, the luminaires blend in with the ceiling structures and make an elegant interior design feature, even when they’re not on. Velox Frameless luminaires are available in round and rectangular models. Ensto’s Velox Frameless luminaires offer beautiful, even lighting, thanks to their frameless design. They blend in with their surroundings, regardless of the ceiling solution. Clean-lined and modern in design, they have no unnecessary, distracting features. Designed for general lighting in residential properties, Velox Frameless is an LED luminaire range that includes round lighting fixtures in four sizes, in addition to the rectangular model.

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