It makes sense. Finally! Ensto’s panel heaters and floor heating thermostats are available with a smart electronic.

Smart heating control provides you with comfort and flexibility. Ensto’s panel heaters and floor heating thermostats are equipped with a smart electronic thermostat which means that they can easily be controlled by a mobile device. 

The Ensto Heat Control application allows you to control Ensto heaters and floor heating thermostats that are equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can create a weekly or longer-term program for your desired period, as well as being able to track their impact on your home’s energy consumption. Using Ensto Heat Control App to manage your home heating is easy, efficient and reliable.

The benefits of new smart heating:

  • Calendar
    • Enable save up to 40% on heating consumption (Motiva 2015)
  • Smart Control
    • Optimizes the activation of the heating according to the conditions
  • Energy consumption
    • Optimize electricity consumption by tracking energy data and statistics
  • Fulfils the Ecodesign requirements
  • Easy to install and use
    • A familiar and safe installation and connection
    • Smart features can be enabled by downloading a mobile app (iOS, Android)


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