New ECO16TOUCH touch screen combination thermostat

The new ECO16TOUCH touch screen combination thermostat allows you to manage and adjust the temperature of your home to the level you want, without wasting energy. By using a reliable and accurate thermostat, the temperature in each room stays even and comfortable. At the same time, energy and money can be saved. Stylish and easy-to-use.

Fast responding heating control is important for the comfort of living and energy efficiency. Ensto’s thermostat series is complimented by the new simple ECO16TOUCH combination thermostat with a 2-inch touch screen. The new thermostat has a Boost/ECO quick function for easy and fast adjustment of the temperature. The thermostat allows for clear monitoring of kWh and euro consumption.

Fulfils the ECOdesign requirements

  • Open-window detection
    • Activation stops heating
  • Clock function
    • Creates energy savings, as you only use heating on the basis of demand for example reduce temperature when absent
  • Standby consumption < 0.5 W.
    • Minimal energy consumption, when in sleep mode

Compatible with Ensto floor heating products

Thermostat is designed to be particularly well compatible with Ensto floor heating products. Tassu and TassuS, as well as ThinKit and ThinMat provide a solution for all heating needs in both new buildings and renovations.


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