Lumo – an ideal solution for modern lighting applications

Lumo is an outstanding addition to Ensto’s general-lighting range. With its elegant low-profile design and even illumination, it enhances any space. Our extensive product range, stretching from control systems to luminous-flux packages, guarantees an ideal solution for your lighting project. Lumo offers a solution for today’s many general-lighting requirements.

Thanks to its versatility and advanced properties, Ensto’s Lumo offers the power of an outstanding next-generation luminaire range. Guaranteeing you even lighting, Lumo’s top-quality optics provide pleasant illumination for all spaces and surfaces. Its soft light is easy on the eyes, enhancing the space and its décor. Lumo’s most standout feature is its versatility – its wide range of options offers an ideal solution for general lighting in home and public spaces alike. With its elegant design, Lumo is ideal for Nordic architecture – tucked away behind Lumo’s low-profile housing is cutting-edge technology that makes sure the unit meets all the requirements of modern construction and refurbishment projects.

The elegant and versatile luminaires in the Lumo range distribute soft light and offer a wide range of options for general lighting, allowing you the freedom of choice. The Lumo range stands out from the competition with its six new models, which have a modular design that lets you create the right solution for your application with ease, thanks to the adjustable luminous flux and color temperature. Just select the size and features that meet the needs of your project!

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One luminaire, many solutions for general lighting

Lumo luminaires are available in two sizes (Ø 335 mm and Ø 267 mm). The efficient 15 W Lumo luminaires offer three luminous fluxes, while the smaller, 9 W models allow you to choose from two options. The luminous-flux value is easy to set via a DIP switch. Lumo luminaires also offer two color temperatures to choose from: 3,000 K and 4,000 K. All the luminaires’ luminous flux and color temperature are easily selected in connection with installation. The range offers a host of options, for fine-tuning to the customer and application. Having such options provides added value. 

  • Versatile Lumo systems – available in two sizes and color temperatures and with numerous luminous fluxes
  • LUMO 9 W (Ø 267 mm), with luminous fluxes of 900 lm and 450 lm
  • LUMO 15 W (Ø 335 mm), with luminous fluxes of 1,500 lm, 1,000 lm, and 700 lm
  • For all models, two color temperatures: 4,000 K and 3,000 K

The luminaires in the Lumo range are available in a fresh white color. Their durable polycarbonate diffuser with bayonet fitting is easy to twist into place. The luminaire's housing too is made of strong polycarbonate. With four inputs and an easy-to-use screwless connector, the luminaires are easy to link in series. The luminaires are specially designed for ease of installation. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling at a height of up to six meters. Thanks to its protection class of IP44, Lumo is even suitable for wetter spaces. All the luminaires are also available as radar and DALI models. 

  • Suitability for wet spaces: IP44
  • Switching: on/off, radar sensor, DALI
  • Surface-mounting, with installation on a wall or ceiling
  • Luminaire service life: 50,000 h L70B50 @ 25 °C


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