LED luminaires offer long service lives – up to 100,000 hours of use

LED luminaires have come on in leaps and bounds. Modern technology and durable components have significantly extended LED luminaires’ service lives. Ensto’s product range offers a variety of robust luminaires with long service lives, recognizable from the new 100,000 h symbol. 

Ensto’s luminaire range offers solutions for residential premises, shared spaces, public buildings and industrial facilities as well as outdoor spaces. Its extensive selection includes luminaires and smart solutions that meet the specific needs of any project, space and user. Its luminaires are of high quality in terms of their properties related to installation and lighting technology – the market’s broadest selection of control and motion detection solutions make the luminaires suitable for any application. Optics, motion detection, artificial intelligence and self-learning systems can be introduced to the products in various ways, depending on the project and the requirements. 

“We are a flexible provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our product line includes numerous luminaires with LED modules that offer a lifetime of 100,000 hours (L80). In solutions designed for public spaces, 100,000 h is a relatively standard value these days, but we are now also able to offer many of our popular ceiling lights, such as AVR254, AVR320 and AVR400, with a 100,000-hour lifetime,” shares Marko Martikainen from Ensto.

“We use high-quality ballasts, which also offer 100,000 hours of operation, with a failure rate of 10% at most,” Martikainen adds. Ensto’s strength lies in its ability to customize its luminaires with regard to luminous flux, mounting fixtures, and other properties on a project-specific basis.

“High-quality lighting is a long-term investment, which increases the value of the property and space. With long-lifespan luminaires, we are talking about service lives of up to 25 years, while in many installation locations, the space requires renovation every 10 years. Ensto’s luminaires offer excellent value throughout their long service lives.”

Luminaires with a long lifespan are recognizable by the 100,000 h symbol

Ensto offers long lifespan luminaires in various product lines intended for outdoor applications and general lighting in homes, retail spaces and offices. The durable LED light sources guarantee up to 100,000 hours of use. These luminaires are recognizable by the new 100,000 h symbol. Ensto’s luminaires with a 100,000-hour lifetime include:

AVR320 offers the most extensive selection of luminaires for public spaces and private homes available on the market All the models come with Dual White technology that offers two color temperatures (3,000/4,000 K). Smart, self-learning ActiveAhead luminaires that are equipped with sensors are also available for spaces such as corridors and staircases. You can choose a luminaire frame from Ensto’s broad selection to give your luminaire a unique look.

Ideal for general lighting of industrial, commercial and residential premises, Monix Slim LED is an IP44-protected luminaire with a plastic diffuser that is suitable for wet spaces.

Primus is a new office luminaire with a wide range of features that make it adaptable to many kinds of projects. With its advanced lighting technology, Ensto Primus provides a reliable, versatile, and efficient project luminaire for schools and offices. The simple and clean-lined housing structure in Primus offers a wide range of possibilities for customization regarding controls, electrification, and installation.

The Formi luminaire is optimized for use in store premises, and it has excellent lighting-related technical properties. Its new and innovative mounting solution and light structure make installation quick and easy.

The Maestro park luminaire brings together elegant Nordic design and functional details, offering a modern and clean-lined appearance complemented by durable technology. Maestro offers an ideal solution for yards, parks, and footpaths where effective and controlled lighting is essential.

Information on all of our 100,000 h luminaires is available on our website. Read more about our energy-efficient luminaires with long lifespans.