Blue branching connectors found one another

New blue KE10.1N connector has been added to branching connectors selection.

KE connectors and SV connector sets are used for connecting and branching aluminium and copper cables in lamp posts or in cable cabinets.

Ensto connectors are tinned to suit for both aluminium and copper conductors (4 or 6 conductors). The connectors can be used as L, N, PE or PEN connectors.

KE10.1  Al 4x10-35 mm² / Cu 1.5-25 mm² 
KE10.1N  Al 4x10-35 mm² / Cu 1.5-25 mm²
KE10.3  Al 6x10-35 mm² / Cu 1.5-25 mm² 
KE10.504  Al 4x10-50 mm² / Cu 2.5-35 mm² 
KE10.504N  Al 4x10-50 mm² / Cu 2.5-35 mm² 
KE10.506  Al 6x10-50 mm² / Cu 2.5-35 mm² 


Blue connectors (N) are  available for the neutral conductors.

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