Heat shrink repair joints for low voltage – new way of repairing a broken cable

Ensto's already extensive heat shrink cable accessory range has been complemented by unique repair joint kits, which are a smart solution for repairing a broken low voltage underground cable.The new SJK1C4.300 and SJK1C41.300 repair joints are the result of innovative product development based on customers' needs. The key part of the repair joints are the brilliant connectors (in picture).

When an underground cable is broken, a longer repair part is needed for the broken point; often two repair joints, which many times means more fixable surface and more time needed for the repair work. Ensto repair joint is 800 mm long and the kit includes pre-insulated connectors, which makes it faster and easier to install, hence saves time. The electricity blackouts experienced by end-users are shorter and the electrical utilities saves money, time and effort. The new joint kits are suitable for 4-core cables with concentric conductor and size range of 6-50 mm². More information from local Ensto organization.

  • Easy way of repairing a broken cable, less excavation work
  • Pre-insulated connectors
  • High-quality textless installation instructions
  • Wide conductor size range
  • Type tested

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