Fuse element for a fire protection junction box

Safety systems, such as signal and safety lighting, smoke vents and alarm systems, must remain operational until people get out of the building and rescue services begin their work.

Electrical designers and contractors are increasingly choosing fire-resistant cables even for spaces where they are not mandatory according to regulations. This usually happens at the customer's request. In this case, it should be noted that installation accessories, such as junction boxes, must also withstand heat and continue to operate in the event of a fire.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality fire-resistant junction boxes in both plastic and metal. We equip them with our own ceramic connectors, designed to keep the safety systems running.

Disconnects a device or branch damaged in a fire

Our latest Ensto Vulcano product is a fuse element for the protection of fire-resistant safety systems and other electricity distribution systems. It is a simple and easy-to-install product that contains everything you need. This new product will substantially increase reliability not only in new systems, but also in existing ones. 

If a fire short-circuits a device in a branch of a fire-resistant circuit, it may paralyze the entire circuit. This can be avoided by adding a fuse element to the Ensto Vulcano fire protection junction box to separate the device from the main line.

The new product features an IP67-class fuse base containing a 2A fuse (5x20 mm). The set is supplied installed inside an M25 cable gland, and it is to be placed outside the junction box. This way, it does not take up wiring space inside the box. The fuse element contains two 1.5mm2 wires, the length (200 mm) of which facilitates connection to the connector inside the box.

The Ensto Vulcano fuse element deserves its place both in the electrical plans of entire systems and in individual installations. It is a functional way to separate a corrupted branch from the system. 


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