Ex de systems: simpler, faster, less expensive

Ex d enclosures are explosion proof – but only when used exactly as intended. Opened boxes must be properly closed, up to 80 bolts tightened with the proper torque, and the flame path completely unscratched. If it’s not perfectly closed, it’s not perfectly safe.

Ensto’s universal combo box is an enclosure for Ex de system made simpler and delivered faster – creating an incredibly cost-effective solution.


The combo box enables an indirect connection to the Ex d enclosure through an Ex e enclosure designed for a perfect fit. Conductors are routed to the Ex e enclosure where safe connections are made. These are then carried to the Ex d enclosure as individual wires via a flameproof multi-wire bushing.

There is elegance in the solution: When only an Ex d is used, all cables are pulled into the box behind a cemented barrier gland. But with the combo Ex e, wires are simply pulled through and a compression seal made.


Ensto's explosion protection solutions are certified to protect even in the high-risk Ex environments, but the universal combo box takes one more step toward safety: its simplicity makes it easier to use the products as manufacturers prescribe.

The Ex e enclosure in the combo box solution means there are fewer reasons to open the Ex d, making it safer for all involved.

Less Expensive

Although savings fluctuate depending on the size of the enclosure, Ensto customers have realized significant savings with Ex de systems utilizing an Ensto universal combo box.

Ex d enclosures frequently weigh tens of kilos, and the combo Ex e can reduce total weight by two-thirds. Easy access via the Ex e enclosure means lower maintenance costs. Given this more manageable solution, end users may expect savings up to 20 or 30 percent on installation and logistics.

Add to that the fact that it’s ready for shipping in three to four weeks, the Ensto universal combo box is an unbeatable, cost-effective solution.

And a simplified marketplace!

Ensto’s combo box not only simplifies installation, but it helps level the playing field of the marketplace.

Before now, purchasers were obliged to order both Ex e and Ex d enclosures from the same manufacturer. Ensto’s universal combo box changes all that, bringing the first independent option to panel builders and OEMs.


The product is called “universal” for very good reason. Ensto’s flexible platform enables the production of an Ex e box to fit virtually any Ex d box. Although all Ex d boxes are different, Ensto provides the perfect, custom match for a safe connection.

Watch video: Kurt Rönnberg presents Ensto's innovative universal combo box