Ensto Smartcloser - Remain Powered

Ensto expands its range of Network Automation products. 

Ensto Smartcloser is an automated pole-mounted vacuum recloser. It reduces outage duration and automatically isolates a faulty section of the distribution network.

Why Ensto Smartcloser?

Ensto Smartcloser is convenient for all types of networks, especially for those having higher risk for outages and requiring a high breaking capacity.

The environmentally friendly Ensto Smartcloser is suitable to be used all over the world and withstands the most severe environmental and climatic conditions (saline humidity, rising sand, ice, snow, high altitude, industrial pollution, areas with high-density bird populations, etc.).

The lightweight and compact Ensto Smartcloser is extremely reliable, with high-level safety characteristics allowing it to be used with full confidence.