Ensto SLIW family – complete connector family for low voltage network

Ensto introduces complete SLIW product family, a new generation of connectors for low voltage distribution networks. Now Ensto SLIW connectors are suitable for all purposes and targets.


Ensto SLIW connectors represent the new Ensto design which combines modern appearance with high quality. In the development of the SLIW family, the goal has been to create suitable connectors for all cross-sections in low voltage networks. Cutting-edge technology, quality materials and continuous testing form the basis of SLIW products. Special attention has been paid to superb usability focusing on durability and easy installation. The connectors are very robust thanks to 2-component injection molding technology. The compact products require less material and are waterproof.


The corrosion-proof Ensto SLIW connectors are designed to last for decades – even in the most demanding circumstances. High Ensto quality ensures the reliability of electricity networks and decreases service costs. The compact construction and modern design also help to save time during the installation.

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