A full solution for EV home charging – Ensto One Enjoy a Super Electric Driving Experience! 

With its Ensto One product family, Ensto offers a full line of EV charging devices. The Ensto One line of chargers includes everything you need for EV home charging at a detached house, apartment building or parking facility. With this top-notch home charging solution, you can charge your vehicle rapidly and safely. 

Ensto One offers a full solution for the charging of hybrid and fully electric vehicles at apartments and detached houses. Ensto One’s power selection is super versatile, offering charging capacities of up to 22kW – select the charging device that suits your needs and let Ensto One take care of the rest.

Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more common, with plug-in cars expected to account for more than 40% of new cars by 2025. Ensto One offers answers to the need for faster charging, the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, and other future requirements. Ensto One offers a full line of charging solutions, including super-fast 11kW and 22kW charging devices!

  • 3.6 kW (1x16A) / 18 km of travel on a 1-hour charge* 
  • 7.4 kW (1x32A) / 36 km of travel on a 1-hour charge*
  • 11 kW (3x16A) / 55 km of travel on a 1-hour charge*
  • 22 kW (3x32A) / 110 km of travel on a 1-hour charge*
    *The charging speeds given are approximate and may vary depending on temperature and the vehicle’s internal charging device


Ensto one is a quick, smart, and safe EV charging device for apartment buildings and other joint-use locations. The available charging capacities go up to 22kW. Combined with the smart and intuitive Ensto EV Manager management system, Ensto One ensures that you can manage, operate, and update your devices for years. Manage charging devices, users, and consumption data, and create invoices with the easy-to-use, visually clear system.


Ensto One Home is a quick, easy, and safe home charging device for detached houses and holiday homes. The Ensto One Home line offers charging capacities of up to 22kW. A fixed, 5-meter charging cable offers an easy and tidy charging solution. With the Ensto Charger Control app you can make sure your car is always ready for new adventures!

Ensto One is designed, manufactured, and tested by experts who have more than 10 years of experience of EV charging. The number one EV charging solution, Ensto One, keeps you on the road –

Hop in and enjoy a Super Electric Driving Experience! 

The Ensto One line of EV chargers is available now.

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