Ensto One Home – for super easy charging at home

Ensto declares the beginning of a new era of electric vehicle chargers. Ensto One Home, the king of EV chargers for single family houses, is already on the way. Get ready for a super cool electric driving experience!

The rapid growth of electrical vehicle traffic increases the demand for charging. Today, overnight charging at home is more popular than ever. Ensto has long-standing experience in EV charging solutions, and Ensto One Home was specially developed to meet the increasing demand for home charging. Designed for single family houses, Ensto One Home combines elegant design with efficient enough charging – sounds SUPER good, right? 

Product Manager Päivi Linteri from Ensto says: “According to our customer promise, we want to enable a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow. At Ensto, we focus on the need for smart and user-friendly EV charging solutions. In a way, Ensto One Home is a household charging outlet that makes residential charging safe and easy.”

= Super Easy Charging

= Super Easy Controlling

= Super Easy Installing

Super Easy Charging

The design of Ensto One Home is based on the latest EV charging standards. With Ensto One Home you can charge your vehicle reliably and safely, in any weather! Ensto One Home is suitable for all of the most common electric vehicles, as the charging station comes with a fixed Type 2 plug. Get an Ensto One Home, and you can concentrate on other, more important things at home than charging.

  • Fixed cable with a Type 2 plug – just plug in and charge
  • Integrated Plug holder – for storing the cable neatly
  • Control and adjustment of maximum operating current via the Ensto Charger Control 
  • Mobile application (Bluetooth)

Super Easy Controlling

It is easy to learn to control an Ensto One Home charger. Commissioning takes a matter of minutes with the Ensto Charger Control mobile app (Bluetooth), available for use both by the installer of the device and the driver of the electric vehicle. You can use the easy-to-use app to adjust the maximum current or to change the operating mode, for instance. Ensto One Home has two operating modes: free and authorised. If you selected the authorised mode in the device settings, you need a smartphone paired with Ensto One Home to start charging. Safe and quick! 

  • Operating current adjustable via a mobile app 6A–16A/32A
  • Start/stop charging from the Ensto Charger Control app, if authorised operating mode is selected

Super Easy Installing

Installing Ensto One Home is easy and quick, and the outlet has a clean design with ample room for the supply cable. In addition, the system always comes with a DC current leakage detection device and, depending on the model, with residual current protection and an automatic circuit-breaker – in other words, everything you need, ready for use. With its elegant design, Ensto One Home looks good in your garage whether installed on the wall or on the dedicated Ensto One pole/pole adapter. When not in use, the plug rests neatly in the plug holder in the middle of the light ring – easy!

  • Spacious room to terminate powers supply cables
  • The system always comes with a DC current leakage detection device and, depending on the model, with residual current protection and an automatic circuit-breaker
  • 1x16A or 1x32A

Ensto One Home is a compact addition to the range of Ensto charging stations. Ensto has been promoting electric driving for ten years and continues to do so increasingly. “We want to enable the creation of a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure wherever people go, to make life better for individuals and businesses. The charging solutions we design offer lifelong value to users, owners and operators alike,” says Linteri. Electric driving experience starts from home.

Ensto One Home was launched today, 16 April, and is available from wholesalers and authorized resellers.

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