Ensto launches EnstoNet XL - robust and pluggable couplers for smart installations

Ensto today announced the global launch of its new EnstoNet XL installation coupler range. EnstoNet XL products are high quality, robust industrial installation couplers for higher power supply that combine efficient design with ergonomic usability. The EnstoNet XL family is a complete solution comprising couplers, tees, switch fused tees and a host of accessories to complement the system.

Ensto has expanded the EnstoNet installation coupler system adding new EnstoNet XL products suitable for current ratings up to 32A. The new range of 3-pole couplers are suitable for up to 32A while the 4 to 6-poles are suitable for up to 25A current.

"We designed the EnstoNet XL system to make connecting couplers to each other easy and safe", explains Product Manager Riitta Seeck. "Couplers are color-coded on the basis of the recommended use, and the components intended for different applications are structurally incompatible. When the couplers are used in accordance with these recommendations, maintenance and making changes to the system are easy", she states pointing out the following benefits of EnstoNet XL for you to discover:

Easy, cost-efficient and re-usable too!

The EnstoNet Installation system provides the easiest, most cost-efficient, fastest way to rearrange, expand or re-install an existing network. As no waste is generated and products can be re-used due to their modular nature, an environmentally friendly lifecycle can be achieved and disposal costs avoided.

Rushed installation schedules? No problem!

With compressed schedules and programs combined with the inevitability of change, Ensto brings an installation system based on advanced fabrication. This provides the user with the ability to adapt as well as providing significant timesaving vs. traditional installation methods.

Reduce on site work by up to 70%

The EnstoNet XL System is based on prefabricated components. Standard length prefabricated leads are wired from the distribution board / cabinet with installation couplers used all the way to the end of the fixed wiring circuit. EnstoNet XL reduces on site work by up to 70%.


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