Ensto eFiller – a modern electric car charger for home use!

Ensto eFiller makes charging an electric vehicle safe and easy. Designed for home use, it comes complete with all the features required for the hassle-free and reliable charging of hybrid and electric cars.

The national broadcasting company Yle recently reported that the popularity of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles is expected to grow in the near future. Similarly, a study commissioned by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra predicted that the number of these vehicles will increase from 11,000 to up to 800,000 by 2030. This change is likely to take place in stages, with small electric vehicles overtaking petrol engine vehicles of the same size – as measured in total costs – in the early 2020s. As electric vehicles gain a stronger foothold in the market, home chargers will also become more commonplace. According to studies, more than 90% of charging events take place at home overnight or when the car is parked for longer periods. Ensto’s eFiller charger is designed to meet this need – safe and easy home charging.  

Ensto’s electric vehicle services make life that little bit easier

Optimal performance. Better life cycle value. Improved air quality.

Ensto’s product manager Eero Korhonen is introducing electric vehicle chargers and services to us.
‘Our environmentally friendly EV charging solutions are designed to make life that little bit easier and to improve our quality of life in line with Ensto’s brand promise. We focus on bringing safe and reliable EV charging systems to our customers. An EV charging point isn’t just an electric socket but also a way of offering services to residents and making day-to-day life easier,’ he explains.

Ensto eFiller - safe home charging

Ensto eFiller is a compact, wall-mounted charging point with a fixed cable. When you charge your vehicle at home, you usually aren’t pressed for time but you want to have a system that is safe and functional. Your car charges overnight and you won’t need to make an extra stop at a charging station.  

It is easy to use.

Ensto eFiller is a simple home charger. Designed for reliability and ease, it comes with a fixed cable that is easy to use and store. A separate charging plug holder can be mounted in any location that suits you best.

It is easy to install.

Being easy to install, Ensto eFiller offers a hassle-free charging option. The outlet power can be restricted to meet the needs of your home. Ensto eFiller ensures efficient and safe home charging.

It is durable.

The system’s metal structure offers protection against weather conditions (IP44) and other environmental factors (IK10).

  • Cast aluminium frame, stainless steel front panel
  • Fixed, 4.5-metre charging cable
  • One-phase and three-phase models
  • IP44
  • IK10
  • Operating temperature -30…+50 °C
  • Wall mounting
  • Wall-mounted plug holder

Ensto eFiller ensures efficient and safe home charging.  Home is where you most commonly charge your electric car, so selecting a high-quality charging point is crucial. Contact us for more information on our electric vehicle charging and control solutions.

Product manager, electric vehicle charging services
Eero Korhonen

Sales manager for Finland, electric vehicle charging
Margit Salminen