Ensto Clampo Pro: Small item - Great significance

When designing electrical equipment, all possible electrical parameters, environmental conditions, external environment and needs resulting from the application of the solution are taken into account. Often some space is left in the event of device expansion. Then comes the phase of equipment prefabrication, on-site installation and commissioning. At this stage it is often forgotten about appropriate connections between the devices and the power grid. Most are made with cables and wires connected to the terminals, and at higher currents, with busbars. Reliability and safety of the device depend on the type and use of the terminals. Therefore it is a good idea to use reliable terminals — products of highest quality that ensure correct operation of the devices. How to recognize a good terminal?

Certified according to the latest standards

A good terminal should have proper approvals. All terminals chosen have to be suitable for the use. In industrial control equipment the terminals need to be verified to have short circuit rating, spacings, thermal stability etc. according to the demands set by electrical supply, equipment connected and alike. Terminals for industrial applications need to be certified according to the latest industrial standards. In addition to CE marking, international certificates, including UL, Gost R, are required. Then there are no formal obstacles to certification of the equipment and export to countries such as USA and Russia.

Suitable for copper and aluminium conductors

The ability to combine two types of cables: copper and aluminium, for each terminal chamber. This is a universal solution that eliminates potential problems during installation in the existing network. Often one team takes care of assembling the project, and another performs installation of the finished devices. Then, there is no problem with the selection of terminals: one type is applied, regardless of the cables used.

The testing process requires hours of work by experienced personnel specially appointed for the task. It specifically includes a hose-down and corrosion tests. "In the hose-down test, the enclosure is subjected to a stream of water from a hose with a one-inch nozzle that delivers at least 240 liters of water per minute. The water is then directed at all joints from a specified distance for a set time," describes Andersson. After the enclosure passes the test, it may be market "Watertight." Andersson continues explaining that the environment type 4X test includes a 600-hour salt-spray test and a 1,200-hour moist carbon-dioxide–sulfur-dioxide–air test. Only after passing the rigorous tests is the enclosure allowed to be market "Corrosion Resistant."

Reliable structure

The conductive part of the terminal is made of monoblock, using special metal alloys with hex screws. This ensures that the bolts can be tightened with great force, and that the whole item will not break into pieces.

Special design of the jaws of the terminal and screws that are covered with contact paste ensure a perfect clamp for both small and large cross sections. These terminals can be assembled multiple times, without the risk of rupture.

Reliable supplier

The quality of the product is proved by its long-term presence on the market. In case of device expansion, new terminals can be safely bought and mounted next to the existing ones.

From the technical point of view, attention needs to be paid to the aspect of documentation available, such as terminal specification sheets, dimensional drawings and photos, which should ideally be available on the internet. These tools help design and then assemble the circuits.

An important factor in choosing a terminal is the price. A high quality terminal is not a cheap solution and therefore clients often choose another brand. As a result we have a device that is not working in accordance with its purpose, generating additional costs both for the customer and the supplier. Only then it is realized how much could have been gained if appropriate terminals had been used, following the principle: small item – great significance.

Ensto Clampo Pro universal terminals are a high quality solution for your installation needs!