Ensto Clampo Pro 1000 V terminals – reliability and protection in extreme temperatures

Our new range of 1000 V terminals are well suited for applications where higher supply voltages are used, such as in drives, railway systems, ships and boiler control. They are also suitable for DC applications, making them a perfect choice for photovoltaic connections

Safe connections between Al/Cu

The compactly-sized Ensto 1000 V universal terminals are suitable for a safe connection between aluminium and copper conductors in a variety of cross-section ranges. Because the terminals can be used with both aluminium and copper conductors, it makes life easier for designers in the OEM industry and mechanical engineering.

Higher operational temperature

For the reason that the 1000 V terminals can be used in high temperature conditions of up to +90 °C, they are ideal for various demanding industrial application areas: power distribution systems, machine engineering, shipbuilding and industrial plants.

Certified and UL-recognized

Ensto’s 1000 V terminals offer peace of mind. The terminals are certified according to the latest standards, fulfilling the requirements for CE marking, and they are UL-recognized. This means that the same terminals can be used in many applications, there is no need for further test reports and that equipment export is also possible to the USA.

Your benefits of the Ensto Clampo Pro 1000 V terminal:

  • Rated voltage up to 1000 V AC/DC
  • Higher temperature range
  • Saves money on maintenance and replacement
  • Short circuit-tested class A terminals
  • Safe connections between Al/Cu
  • Certified according to the latest standards
  • UL-recognized

Watch video and find out more about the Ensto Clampo Pro 1000 V range.

For further information, please contact Product Manager Riitta Seeck, Industrial Components or our sales personnel.

Invest in safety and we will help you save your money and energy!