eFiller home EV charger - Best fit wall charger to fill your EV

We see EV markets growing day by day and while that goes on, so grows the need for electric car chargers in public and private spaces. For some, waiting for your car to load at your local charging station can be too much of a time consumer. And not everyone can afford to wait. That is why we, EV owners, are likely to get a home EV chargers and fill our electric vehicle batteries at our homes, while we sleep.

A sweet way to save your time and nerves! And your tool to achieve this is Ensto eFiller.


Reliable Ensto eFiller fits in your garage

In many private homes, space can be an issue when you consider getting an home EV charger. Many of us utilize our garage as a storage unit which may limit the available space even more. But not with eFiller. It is a wall mounted electric car home charger, that takes hardly any space at all. It weighs just about 9 kg and it’s 4 m cable lets you place the charger even in the darkest and furthest corner of your garage while you still know your charger can reach and fill your car battery.

Not even coldest of temperature can stop eFiller from charging, as we guarantee it will work on -30…+50 °C. Its stainless steel front panel and aluminium frame finish the charger’s classy look which is sure to look good while charging your EV at home. And most importantly, it is safe for home use.


Home EV charger to bring convenience of use and full battery

To continue the earlier thought of loading your car while asleep. It is exactly what you get with eFiller. During night time, electricity is cheaper which saves you a lot in electricity bills in the long run. Even better, you can wake up and turn on your electric vehicle every day knowing, that you have enough energy to go about your day.

What do you think, is this wall mounted home EV charger fit to fill your electric car battery? If you need a charger that can load one electric vehicle at a time, we are sure that eFiller is a match for your car. In case you are looking to fill two EVs simultaneously at home, we suggest you turn to Ensto Wallbox.

Wall mounted EV home charger, Ensto eFiller, is ready to power your EV any time you most need it. Its voltage of 230V and IP44 protection are sure to get your car battery loaded safely at home.

If you got interested in eFiller and would like to get a quote on bulk order, contact our sales and we will get in touch with you.


We have interesting future ahead in EV home charging!

With charger demand growing, us manufacturers want to produce even greater EV charging products every year. That is what lead into creation of V2G home charger. It allows you, the electric car owner, to connect your EV with your local power grid. This way you can now sell the low cost energy you filled into your car last night, back to grid and consumers with increased energy price during day hours.

In other words, you can make profits with your home EV charger in the future.

The aforementioned grid technology is not in place yet, but you can already get a V2G EV home charger to be one of the first utilizing this arising opportunity. If you want to learn more on this, you can watch our home charging webinar recording. You find it here.


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