ECO320 – Affordable Quality!

Ensto has launched an affordable alternative to basic lighting in residential and public premises. ECO320 is based on popular AVR-serie, which is one of the biggest sellers in staircase and secondary premises in the Nordics.

With easy and fast installation method and IP44 classification, ECO320 suites best in places where single fitting is needed to operate in solo mode. ECO320 comes with two LED versions, 10W and 14W, generating more than 1000 lm and 1500 lm.

PIR movement detection versions are available with both powers and PIR is a perfect solution for bathrooms, storages and rooms, which are visited randomly. For Staircase use, we recommend AVR320-serie for more durable operating time.

ECO320 is available in September in the wholesalers and electricians in your market.