Changes in Ensto Optiheat frost-protection cables

Ensto is updating its selection of self-limiting frost-protection cables.


The structure of the Ensto Optiheat 15 (EFPO15) frost-protection cable will change to
Ensto Optiheat 20 (EFPO20) to enable:

  • Thicker wires for allowing longer installation lengths
  • 5W/m @ 10 °C more powerful cable than old EFPO15
  • Typical applications of the frost-protection cable include keeping rainwater
  • drainage systems, roofs and stairways from freezing.


The structure of the Ensto Optiheat 10 (EFPO10) frost-protection cable will change to enable:

  • Two items to be replaced with one: Optiheat 9 (EFPO9) and Optiheat 10 (EFPO10) will combine as Ensto Optiheat 10, which will result in only one item having to be kept in stock.
  • Ensto Optiheat 10 cable is 10% more powerful than the old Optiheat 9, i.e., the cable’s power per metre is now 10W/m @ 10 °C (previously 9 W/m)
  • This structural change allows longer installations than before, max. 89.5 m, and it is possible to make the installations at lower temperatures than before (–45 °C)
  • Note: The EFPO10 product code is retained, but the product characteristics have changed and the product can now be installed in drinking water pipes.
  • Typical applications of a frost-protection cable include the trace heating of plastic and drink water pipes from the outside and the inside.


Ensto Optiheat Ramp (EFPORAMP) is a new frost-protection cable in the Ensto range, and it is intended for demanding frost-protection applications, such as driving ramps, helipads, and other frost-protection needs requiring large capacity. This cable’s output in concrete is 50 W/m @ 10°C and 110 W/m @ 5 °C.


 Product code    GTIN  Description  Package 
 EFPO10  6410004313107     Ensto Optiheat 10, output 10 W/m, blue  1 / 1.000  
 EFPO20  6418677639180  Ensto Optiheat 20/40, output 20 W/m, black  1 / 1.000
 EFPO20.250  6418677639197  Ensto Optiheat 20/40, output 20 W/m, black  1 / 250
 EFPORAMP   6418677639159  Ensto Optiheat Ramp, output 50 W/m, yellow    1 / 250


Product to be ramped down:

  • Optiheat 9 (EFPO9) -> Replaced by Optiheat 10 (EFPO10)
  • Optiheat 15 (EFPO15) -> Replaced by Optiheat 20 (EFPO20)
  • Optiheat 25 (EFPO25) -> Replaced by Optiheat 20 (EFPO20)


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