Two new SLIW family members with super qualities

The new entrants SLIW63 and SLIW64 are for all connections of uninsulated aluminium and copper main and insulated branch conductors up to 1000 V AC. Thanks to excellent materials and high quality design the connection made with them is secure and long-lasting. This increases the reliability of the whole distribution line and can be seen as better power quality for end users.

Ensto SLIW connectors are a smart purchase since they have a remarkable role in building a reliable base for the smart grid. Cutting-edge technology and continuous testing are the basis of SLIW products.

Product specification:

  • SLIW63 Al/Cu 16-95 mm² / 2.5-25 mm²
  • SLIW64 Al/Cu 16-95 mm² / 16-95 mm²
  • Easy installation
    • Easy tightening with E-key
    • Easy to insert conductors thanks to open construction
  • Guaranteed quality
    • Aluminum shear head and teeth
    • Molded structure; no loose parts
    • Durable with stainless steel screw and washer

Insulation piercing connectors

SLIW 63&64 installation