Ensto proudly presents Hannu Keinänen

Hannu Keinänen is Ensto’s new President and CEO as of February 1, 2019. We interviewed him about his past and his plans for the future.

1 Tell us something about yourself and your family

I will turn fifty this year! I am married to Anja with whom I've been together since the 90's, and we have a ten-year-old son. I was born in Nilsiä, Finland, as the middle of three sons in a farming family. Doing every possible job on our farm in my childhood, I learned a practical approach to work.

2 Where did you study?

I studied at Tampere University of Technology. I got my Master's degree in
Electrical Engineering in 1993. 

3 How do you relax on your free time?

In wintertime, I like cross-country skiing. During summers I enjoy spending time at our summer cottage and boating, and in the autumn I hunt elk. I am interested in cars and motorcycles; I like old cars, and at the moment I have an old American car which is under renovation.

4 Can you summarize your career?

I started my career working for ABB in Vaasa for about five years. The next ten years I worked in telecommunications manufacturing in Hungary, Finland and Hong Kong. From 2007 to early 2013, I worked for Ensto as President of the Ensto Building Technology business unit. For the last six years I served as President and CEO of the electronics manufacturing services company Enics. Now I'm happily back at Ensto!

5 Do you have some guiding principles in business?

I have the following five principles in leading a business. First, we need to have a common direction and vision. I believe in positivity and the good intentions of all people, and that everybody makes the right decisions when the direction and targets are known and clear. Second, and linked to the first, I believe in doing things through positivity and joy instead of negativity and fear. Third, I expect and try to set an example of efficient, fast and pragmatic decision-making and management/leadership. The fourth principle is humanity: anything and everything we do must be done in a human- and respectable manner. And last but not at all least is performance: we need to keep the company profitable, otherwise we have no room for the points before.

6 What are the most important lessons you've learned about success in your previous jobs?

This is not an easy question at all. I do not believe there is one single truth or lesson I can mention, but somehow success comes when you have the customer at the center with people in focus. You could also put it: Happy people make happy customers make successful companies!

7 How do you see Ensto's future in this rapidly changing business environment?

The basic foundation of Ensto is great: history, owners, values, brand, etcetera. In addition, the business opportunity in smart electricity with the Better life with electricity vision is excellent.

For sure, the world and business environment is changing fast and Ensto needs to adapt as well. We must continuously work to sharpen our chosen focus areas/niches.

8 How would you describe yourself as a person? As a boss? As a colleague? As a friend?

Another difficult question, perhaps someone else could answer this better. But I would say that I am easy-going, more a leader than a manager, having my feet firmly on the ground, but my head in the sky!