Ensto focuses on customers in smart buildings and smart grids

Ensto's strategy defines Smart Building as one key ecosystem of Smart City. Digitalization as a megatrend is entering into the construction industry and it will create new value by integrating technology solutions, which so far have been separated. At the same time, the big change from technology-centricity to human-centricity is happening. 

In this development, it is essential for Ensto to align its business structure accordingly as a logical next step of its strategy execution to 2020 and beyond. A new Ensto Smart Buildings business unit, combining current Electrification, Lighting and EV Charging businesses together, has been established. Jukka Tiitu has been nominated to lead the new BU. Previously Jukka held a position of President, Ensto Lighting business unit.

Future businesses will be driven by data, connectivity and IoT architectures, and Ensto has decided to create Ensto Digital Solutions business unit to capture emerging opportunities. This BU brings together critical capabilities for Ensto's future, such as cloud-based platform and service portfolio development. The purpose is to build lifecycle solutions for both smart buildings and smart grid customers. Fernando Trolia-Slamic has been nominated to lead the new BU. Previously, Fernando hold a position of President, Ensto Electrification business unit. 

Ensto Utility Networks BU led by Markku Wederhorn continues serving Smart Grid customers as today.  

All BU heads continue in the Ensto Management Group and report to Ari Virtanen, CEO of Ensto Group.