Ensto Cup 2017 winner is...

The winner of Ensto Cup 2017 is Vinci Energies!

In the final match filled with emotions and excitement Vinci Energies won over Alpiq. Vinci Energies thus raises their second trophy over the last three years.

 Ensto Italia hosted the grand Gala Awards and final celebration of the XIIIEdition Ensto Cup on July 3rd at the Spirit de Milan.

In addition to the awards for the 12 teams, special prizes were awarded to: Damiano Dainese (best player, Ensto MVP), Mauro Di Cicco (best goalkeeper, Ensto Wall), Ciro Bribiglia (top scorer, Ensto Best Net), William Di Salvo and Iari Iannuzzella (best coaches, Ensto Best Coach), Ensto Protec (Ensto Social Team), Ariatta (best leap in the standings compared to 2016, Ensto Mit), Deerns (Ensto Alchemy), Ivan Merendino (Ensto Feeling), Cristian Carboni (Best Goal, Ensto Best Goal), Daniele Lunghi (Best Parade, Ensto Best Save) were awarded.

For the first time, the best female player, Adele Ciocan of Tekser (Ensto Best Woman) was also awarded. 

Thank you to all participants - for more highlights of the event view Ensto Cup on FacebookWe've started planning for 2018 edition already, so stay tunned! #enstocup