Ensto is participating in the Astana Expo World Exhibition on 10 June – 10 September 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The World Expo aims at promoting innovations and progress, as well as educating and entertaining visitors. The theme of the Expo is 'Future Energy'. It reflects the preoccupation of the international community with the problem of energy consumption, which has an increasing impact on our planet. The main objectives of the exhibition are to call for responsibility, to foster the discussion and to develop knowledge enabling people to plan and control energy consumption on our planet as well as to minimize damage to the environment.

It is expected that 2 million tourists will visit the exhibition, and the total number of visits is estimated to be about 5 million. It is predicted that 85% of the total number of visitors will be citizens of Kazakhstan, and 15% - foreign nationals, most of which will come from the CIS countries and China. A significant number of tourists are also expected to arrive from Europe, Turkey and the United States.

Finland has an own Pavilion at the World Expo, organized by Finpro, which offers the visitors a possibility to learn more about clean energy, smart city, clean water and excellent education. Ensto is one of the 70 exhibition partners in the Finnish Pavilion. "Ensto has been locally present in the Kazakhstan market for more than ten years with solutions for electrical distributions grids. The Astana Expo is a great opportunity to make Ensto known in Astana which is an administrative center of Kazakhstan", states Markku Wederhorn, President of Ensto Utility Networks.

"We are very happy to present our EV Charging solutions at the Astana Expo and promote our services in managing a sustainable EV charging infrastructure with load balancing and connectivity to building automation. We see the Expo as a possibility to enter new markets that have potential in EV and Hybrid vehicle charging solutions in the future, says Ilkka Koisti, Sales Director of EV charging solutions.

More information on the Astana Expo websites.