Rise of EVs in France

Not Only About Being Green Anymore

Hardware matters, however Ensto Chago goes beyond to focus on competitive solutions for its customers and partners.

But since hardware answers to parameters defined by the technical specifications, it becomes merely the ticket to the game.

EV charging is more than just a plug distributing electricity. Beyond hardware are services and IT systems: absolutely everything that keep EVs charging.

Ensto Chago provides an array of services beyond hardware: an entire IT system that enables services like technical support, remote maintenance and software upgrading. It’s a whole solution that enables an excellent and smooth end-user experience for the EV driver and charging infrastructure owner.

EVs are no longer coming. They’re here. Auto manufacturers are offering an ever-growing menu of cars to choose from. And we are reaching the point where the number of EV customers is large enough that to not serve them is to neglect a key customer group. EVs aren’t just about being green anymore: they are a serious business.

Some markets have developed faster than others when it comes to EV infrastructure – and this section of the magazine will give you a sampling of what’s going on in France. But regardless of where you live and work, EVs are all going the same direction: Up.

Juha Stenberg
Managing Director
Ensto Chago

Lionel Suissa: ‘There are alternatives’

A social worker with youth, Lionel Suissa wants children to see from his personal example that there are alternatives to conventional systems.

His Nissan e-NV200 van has a cargo space of more than four cubic meters which allows him to carry bicycles for the kids. Commuting from Vernet to Bains in the mountains, he drives 120 kilometers per day and charges primarily at home, which takes about 30 minutes for a full charge.

“Driving an EV means you have to be a better planner,” he says. “You drive the car a bit and you learn what it can do. It’s a pleasure to save the energy.”

“I like the torque and acceleration but that’s not the point. We’re out to save energy and drive without stress.”

How to Boost EV Sales

French EV experts Ensto Today spoke with offered consistent advice for increasing sales of EVs. Some of their recommendations:

  • Publicize the government’s 50 percent subsidy for charging poles installed before 2017.
  • Train (and persuade) automobile dealerships and their salesmen of the virtues of EVs.
  • Encourage manufacturers to create programs like BMW’s, which offers discounted rent of a petrol car for BMW EV drivers who need to take longer trips.
  • Promote the multiple community uses of charging poles.

Author: Scott Diel