Millions of Ensto’s overhead-line products installed all over the world

Ensto has more than 60 years’ experience of robust overhead-line solutions. Annually, the company produces and delivers millions of overhead-line products globally. The popularity of Ensto’s products is based on the company’s decades of experience, durable and high-quality products, and ability to manufacture products that meet the national requirements in place in various countries.

Reliable, high-quality overhead-line solutions from Ensto are used across the world. Paying specific attention to national requirements, the company sells its extensive range of low-, medium- and high-voltage overhead-line solutions for international markets. Ensto’s expertise is rooted in decades of experience, long-term development work, and thorough testing performed to improve the reliability of the electricity supply. 

Ensto has the capacity to test most of its products in its own accredited laboratory, which guarantees that the test results are valid in various countries without any need for additional testing. “The Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS) audits the laboratory once a year and we also carry out internal audits,” says Janne Lappalainen, the head of Ensto’s laboratory.  

“We are frontrunners in our field. Our expertise is rooted in our extensive experience in product development; performed also in collaboration with our customers; testing carried out in line with customer requirements and standards; and the ability of our production operations to adjust to changes in requirements. Robust solutions and cutting-edge products make a winning combination,” explains Ensto product manager Petteri Pulkkinen.

High-quality SLIW connectors prove an international hit

Ensto’s SLIW connectors continue to grow in popularity. Designed for low-voltage networks, the SLIW product family combines high quality with modern design. The range includes highly robust connectors for all cross-sections used in low-voltage networks. Developed in collaboration with our customers, their design emphasizes excellent usability, durability, and quick installation. Produced through two-component injection-molding technology, these SLIW connectors made from high-quality materials meet all the requirements set by global standards. The corrosion-resistant, waterproof connectors last for decades even in the most challenging conditions. With their compact and modern design, the products are quick to install also. The high quality of Ensto’s SLIW connectors makes sure the electricity supply is reliable while also reducing maintenance costs.

Handbooks on low- and medium-voltage networks by Ensto’s experts are a handy tool for designers

Ensto has many years of experience in comprehensive overhead-line solutions. The company’s reliable, durable solutions are safe and disturbance-free, and they have a long service life. Developed by the experts at Ensto, handbooks on the LV ABC (low-voltage aerial bundled cable), and on FCC solutions (Full Covered Conductor Solution for medium voltage) offer solution models as convenient tools for designers. Ready-made solution models help the designer select the correct products for applications, quickly and easily. All the products used in the solutions can be found in Ensto’s extensive range.

  • Ensto’s newly updated PAS solution for medium-voltage networks offers enhanced protection for networks, boosting the reliability of the electricity supply at low maintenance costs. The latest details on the FCCS models and products have been compiled in a handbook that serves as a handy tool for the design of networks. It is available for easy download.
  • The LV ABC handbook was developed as a convenient tool for the design of low-voltage networks. The handbook contains information on high-quality products and ready-made designs for various pole types used in low-voltage networks. It too can be downloaded online.

Ensto’s extensive product range offers reliable and competitive alternatives to conventional bare conductors. Quality-focused meticulous development work has resulted in products that are easy to install, saving time on work sites. Ensto’s overhead-line products have been designed for durability even in challenging conditions. With Ensto solutions, you can achieve overhead-line structures that last for many decades. 

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