Meet Ensto's Owners

The third generation of the Miettinen family joined the ranks of Ensto owners this year. We asked them about their history with Ensto, their best memories, and what greetings they might like to send on the occasion of Ensto’s 60th anniversary.


Anna MiettinenAnna Miettinen
Currently I am one of the owners and members of the Ensto and Ensto Invest boards for our family company. With my sisters, we also have a company called Sewatek, which manufactures service penetration units for piping. In my youth, I worked at Ensto for many summers, and after graduating with my Master of Science (Technology) I worked at Ensto for three years in Human Resources. In addition to the family businesses, I currently work as a freelance culture producer.

From my childhood I remember visits to Ensto factories – especially the time I received a freshly injection-molded lighting dome, which I used at home to store colored pencils. The best memory from my time working at Ensto has to be my closest colleagues in the Human Capital Management team and all the other friendly Ensto people. I took a lot of satisfaction in my job when I could support Ensto employees in their jobs. A big milestone for me was my appointment to the Ensto Board of Directors last year. In this position,
I am able to examine and develop the company from a new perspective.

Now in Ensto’s 60th year, I would like to, of course, thank all the Ensto employees for their work and input in developing the company. Let's continue together with our daily work which benefits society, our customers, and us as Ensto employees.

Iida MiettinenIida Miettinen
Since my high school days, I have worked at Ensto in a variety of different positions. During summer breaks when I was younger, I worked in Ensto production as well as in communications. After my business studies, I began work in the Ensto Building Technology business unit's marketing team. I supported our marketing team mainly in domestic marketing and communications duties, but I also took part in the Ensto Intro wiring accessory launch. I have also worked at other companies outside Ensto in marketing roles, which has informed the way I think about Ensto. In addition to that I own a company called Sewatek with my sisters. My last position at Ensto was with the customer experience team, but it was unfortunately cut short by a very serious accident and injury that followed. Currently I am focused on ownership-related tasks and rehabilitation.

There are multiple unforgettable and important memories related to working at Ensto, but the most significant has to be the way in which all the Ensto people accepted me and took me in with an open mind, despite my young age. The way they challenged me to see our business from different points of view was invaluable. As a young girl, I was quite nervous to come to work at Ensto, partly due to being a child of the owners, but it was really great to discover that I could immediately get straight to work in a relaxed, fun environment and also grow into the company through continuous learning.

Even during the Ensio era, I felt like there was no need to appear self-important at Ensto. Instead, we aimed at supporting each other's growth. This has always been our company culture and it has been personally significant for me in becoming an Ensto owner.

It is with great honor and joy that we, the third generation, have been able to become Ensto owners. I wish to extend a big thank you to all Ensto people for making this 60-year journey possible. It is a good point from which to move forward towards a better future together. 

Samuel RaitavuoSamuel Raitavuo
I have worked summers at Ensto since I was 15 years old, mostly at the Porvoo factory and head office. During 2010, I was an intern for four months at Ensto Stockholm office. In 2011, I began work as a full-time employee in the Ensto Industrial Solutions business unit as a business analyst. This was the beginning of my Ensto career, and I’ve worked in a variety of positions from marketing to sales. Currently, I work as a Project Manager for Ensto's Must-win Battle development programs.

I have many great memories! The greatest memories always involve meeting interesting people and hearing their stories. But of course my time in Stockholm is something very special to me, and I fondly reminisce about all my colleagues there.

Thank you to everyone for the effort so far! You all are the reason Ensto is what is today, and hopefully the story will continue for at least another 60 years. Thank you also for all the support and warm welcomes during our interactions. Remember that the world is always changing and we need to change with it!

Jenni RaitavuoJenni Raitavuo
I work as a HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environmental) at Ensto Operations in the Porvoo Office. I'm responsible for developing and maintaining environmental and occupational safety management systems and related projects. I have worked full time now at Ensto for about six years. In 1997 I started as a summer trainee in Porvoo. I had time to work many summers in different functions, in mailing, assembly, the service team, and the office. Last year I celebrated five years at Ensto and 20 years from starting my first summer job at the company.

Ensto has been part of my life ever since I can remember. I have many great memories with family and colleagues, and it’s quite difficult to choose the best one. But the warmest memories I have are from my childhood, when my cousins and brothers toured the Porvoo factory with my grandfather. We also always got to take one component home as a token.

The world is changing fast, and we need to keep up with the change. Let's do it together and enjoy what we do! 

Lari RaitavuoLari Raitavuo
Currently I am not employed at Ensto. I have, however, worked there in various positions, during summers at the factory, for example. From a young age I’ve become very familiar with Ensto's staff and culture – during the summer jobs I learned a lot about Ensto people, and I gained skills that I would not have learned elsewhere. Right now, I am an entrepreneur in the wellbeing, sports, and media businesses.

A single greatest memory is difficult to name since there are so many. But a certain Christmas "adventure" comes to mind. I was around 10 years old and selling Boy Scout calendars to Ensto employees. I remember being very nervous about it, but that nervousness quickly faded, because I was so warmly received by everyone. For some reason, I remember this vividly.

Another memory that comes to mind is going on a factory tour with my grandpa when I was around five years old. I found discarded plastic parts on the factory floor and assembled little toys and "monsters" from those, which were of course interesting to me.

Ensto people have taught me a lot over the years. Every single person has always been ready to help, and there is no such thing as a stupid question. This is a great company culture and way of working, which I feel will take us very far. I would like to humbly thank each and every Ensto employee for their effort in creating this atmosphere. Being an Ensto employee rules! 

Emilia ValstaEmilia Valsta
Although I have spent multiple summers working at Ensto, I am not employed there currently, since I am finishing up my master’s degree in Egypt. It was always important to our grandfather that we grandkids experience as many different roles at Ensto as possible, so that we could better understand how the company works and get to know as many people as possible from different departments. I have worked everywhere from the factory to customer service and communications.

The people are the absolute best thing about Ensto. The work atmosphere has always been relaxed and fun, and people are easy to approach. I was always given responsibilities, which itself made me more motivated to work. After all these years, I still keep in touch with people from Ensto, some of whom left the firm a long time ago.

I think the most important thing for me is that the people at Ensto know and feel how much they are appreciated! For me personally, it’s extremely important that people feel they are heard and that they have the ability to affect their work in a positive manner.