Economical benefits and higher quality with LVDC

LVDC-article part 3/3

The first article told how LVDC offers solution for the most relevant problems, like lack of capacity, power loss, poor quality of electricity, unbalances and variations of voltage or frequency. The second part told about functionalities and the micro grid solution. LVDC can bring six to ten times more distribution capacity to already existing grid and it can reduce the losses caused by non-billable usage to zero. 

The Ensto LVDC substation converts the +-750V DC to the common 230V AC for customers. Since the AC is produced locally on site, it has a high quality with no voltage drops or interferences, which are typical for long AC branches with numerous varying loads and electronic devices connected. According to the same principle, the substation isolates all nonlinear loads and THD sources coming up from customers’ side to the MV grid, thanks to a DC line between the local substation and the Ensto LVDC Feeder Station. 

The Ensto micro grid solution includes LVDC Feeder Stations also to solar and wind power Maximum Power Point Tracking  as well as Electric Vehicle Charging. Fast energy storages can be connected by Ensto Battery Management. Storage is easily expandable to serve customers in off-grid mode and hence, to ensure the reliability of supply. They can also act as a virtual power plant to support HV and MV grid frequency in high-demand, peak situations.

The Ensto Utility Cloud TM receives a continuous flow of measurement and status information from the components of the Ensto micro grid solution. The cloud-based system gives a detailed view and control of the network and its customers, also supporting billing, site priorities and developing new services. Via the Utility Cloud TM, the whole LVDC branch and all devices are connected to the utility's SCADA.

Tested and proven solutions for rugged utility use

Ensto Utility Networks is a business area of Ensto, an international family business, which designs and provides smart electrical solutions. Ensto Utility Networks offers solutions and components for electricity distribution utilities to help them in ensuring power quality in their networks.

For the LVDC solution, Ensto already has projects in the pipeline, including overhead lines and underground cables, both in the Nordic countries and internationally.

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