Ethical principles

The ethical principles of Ensto are based on trust, accepted practices, our values and the fact that we in our operations comply with the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Rights of the Child and the Declaration of the United Nations International Labour Organization as well as national laws and regulations.

Our ethical principles are:

We respect all human beings

We emphasize trust and equality among all human beings and we want to take care of each other. We have strict operational ethics and responsibility.

We are honest and open

We operate honestly and justly, conforming to laws and regulations. We expect the same from all our partners in business. We want to serve our customers and other partners in the best possible ways.

We are a healthy and secure workplace

We offer all our employees high-quality occupational health and safety, and we want to work with our employees to look after their well-being.

We protect the environment

We want to contribute to the development of a healthy environment and more sustainable production and consumption habits, locally, nationally and internationally. We take environmental matters into account in all of our actions.

We assume voluntary responsibility for the surrounding community

We want to participate in the activities of the communities that surround us and in the projects of NGOs. We partner with various institutions and support social programs such as youth work, environmental work, culture and sports.