Code of conduct

At the same time as we at Ensto aim to live up to our long-term strategy of profitable growth, we are also committed to developing and maintaining a healthy business by offering unique new products designed with the future of our society and planet in mind. We do so, by honoring our social, environmental and financial responsibility and by conducting business in an ethical way. This means that Ensto’s values are embedded in this Code and that sustainability along with business ethics are integral parts of our business plans and decision-making processes.

The Ensto Employee Code of Conduct, approved by Ensto Oy’s Board of Directors, outlines the proper practices and provides guidance to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues. The Code applies to all Ensto Group employees in their daily work concerning their responsibilities towards their country, the shareholders, the colleagues and the environment.

This Code of Conduct applies without exception to all Ensto’s employees worldwide. Stricter guidelines or more detailed instructions may be appropriate for certain regions, but they should not be in conflict with this Code.

Knowing the Code is one of the professional responsibilities of every Ensto employee and the Code should be introduced to employees by Ensto’s managers and through internal communications.
However, no code of conduct can replace the thoughtful behavior of an ethical employee.

Accordingly, dishonest or unethical conduct or conduct that is illegal will constitute a violation of this Code, regardless of whether the Code specifically addresses such conduct.

Ethics and Law

  • We do business with a high degree of professionalism and ethics.
  • We comply with all applicable legal requirements.
  • We respect the privacy and integrity of our stakeholders.
  • We market as well as sell our products and services fairly and honestly on the basis of their quality, capabilities, price, service level and other legitimate attributes.

Actual, Potential or Apparent Conflicts of Interest

Ensto’s employees must avoid activities that lead to a conflict of interest. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Cases where personal interests and the company’s interests are in contradiction.
  • Earning personal benefits (other than paid salary and official benefits provided by Ensto to its employees) from activities related to Ensto’s business.
  • Holding a position as director, officer, employee or partner of a consultant, broker, finder or intermediary with an entity with which Ensto has, or is likely to have a business relationship, or with which Ensto competes or is likely to compete through an employee, a member of his/her family or his/her business partner.

Any associations, interests and business relationships that the employee, a member of his/her family or his/her business partner have that might cause the employee to act in ways that are not in the best interests of Ensto, or that might be perceived as contradictory to his/her loyalty, will be permitted only with an approval given by Ensto’s Management Team.

Any outside association, including activities with other entities, should not have an impact on the time and attention the employee is expected to devote to his/her duties and responsibilities in Ensto, adversely affect the quality or quantity of the employee’s work or involve his/her use of any of Ensto’s assets, including real and personal property.

Under no circumstances are employees permitted to compete with Ensto or take business opportunities belonging to Ensto themselves or through family members which they have discovered or which have been made available through by virtue of their position within Ensto.

Gifts, favors, entertainment or other inducements

Ensto’s employees may not give or accept gifts, favors, entertainment or other inducements from persons or entities with which Ensto has or is likely to have a business relationship, unless:

  • They are lawful business gifts in connection with their work in Ensto with commercial customers and other nongovernmental parties.
  • They do not violate applicable laws.
  • All such gifts are nominal in value and are not given or received with the intent or prospect of influencing the recipient’s business decision-making, i.e. they are consistent with common business practices.
  • It is not allowed to accept any gifts in case there is doubt of possible influence on the recipient’s decision-making (recipient is involved with the project with the gift giver)

Participating occasionally in social activities with those with whom Ensto maintains business will not violate this Code so long as they are reasonable and customary types of social activities in a business context. However, employees may not:

  • Solicit for themselves or for another person anything of value from anyone in return for any business, service or confidential information of Ensto or its customers, or
  • Accept anything of value (other than his/her salary or other compensation paid by Ensto) from anyone in connection with Ensto’s business, either before or after a transaction is discussed or completed.

Special laws and rules apply to gifts to government employees and it is Ensto’s policy to strictly comply with all such restrictions.

Even when legal, employees cannot give or receive business gifts if doing so would violate this policy.


  • Ensto employees may not offer, promise, give, request, demand or accept a bribe, illicit payments or other improper benefit to obtain or retain business.
  • Bribery is illegal and violates this policy.

Customer’s and employer’s information

All Ensto employees must keep information related to customers and the employer secret for which he or she has no permission of disclosure.

Courtesy, dignity and respect

All employees must treat one another with courtesy, dignity and respect, regardless of gender.

Workplace violence, including threats, threatening behavior, harassment, intimidation, assaults and similar conduct, will not be tolerated. Firearms are not permitted at any Ensto facility.
Ensto’s managers, supervisors and executives are alert to the possible presence of harassment in the workplace and shall take appropriate steps to prevent any form of such harassment.

Drugs and Alcohol

We do not allow to distribute, possess, use or work under the influence of drugs or alcohol on any of Ensto's premises. Alcohol is only permitted in connection with Ensto business representation or major personnel events.

Political Activity

Employees may not be given paid time off for political activity, although time off without pay may be possible if activities are consistent with local policies and laws.

Responsibilities in the event of non-compliance

Each employee should notify either his/her supervisor in advance if there is a question as to the applicability of a particular policy or procedure.

Employees who learn of, or suspect that a violation of the Code has occurred, or is likely to occur, should report the violation to the nearest manager, or if there is reason to believe that this will be ineffective, to one of Ensto’s Shared Service Managers. All information will be taken seriously and investigated where appropriate. Employees who report violations or suspected violations in good faith will not be subject to retaliation of any kind. Reported violations will be investigated and addressed promptly and will be treated confidentially to the extent possible.

It is the responsibility of each Ensto manager to report any case of fraud or other wrongful conduct to a member of Ensto’s Management Team. In the case of non-compliance with the Code, there will be prompt disciplinary consequences ranging up to and including dismissal.