Maarja Peet, Production Worker, Estonia

In summer 2004 I started working in Ensto as a summer trainee and soon the temporary contract became a permanent contract. In the beginning I worked four years as an assembler in the production. I was young in that time and wanted to look around and get different experiences, so I left Ensto 2008  and worked six years in another companies, mainly also as an assembler.

After my tour outside I returned to Ensto 2014 and continued as an assembler. Half a year later I applied for the Laser printer Operator position and I got the job!
In my work I adjust and program the laser printer according to the drawings, fit the programs and set the correct parameters. I also participate in the EOX (Ensto operational excellence) project with different kind of marking projects to get the laser printer more effective.

I'm also a Safety representative and from 2015 a member in Ensto Council, our global cooperation forum. Ensto is a great example to other companies because here employees and their families are valuable. We have modern working facilities, Ensto supports healthy lifestyle and sports with different kind of benefits and happenings – Ensto takes care of the personnel.

I like my work in Ensto because I have possibility to move forward according to my skills and knowledge. Tasks are always interesting and I can always learn something new. Also it's possible to develop and make a career inside the company.