Katarina Von Wehrt, Summer Trainee, Finland

It was back in the summer of 2014 that I first joined Ensto as a summer trainee, and currently, I am spending my third summer with the company. I have spent every summer working for the Finnish customer service team, dealing with orders, customer inquiries and customer care over the phone, among other things. I have studied English and international politics at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, but am currently taking a year off from my studies to apply to business school in Finland.

I originally applied for a summer job at Ensto after hearing from a family friend that Ensto was looking for a summer trainee for their customer service team. Having always enjoyed customer care related tasks, I immediately got excited and applied for the job. Ensto is different from my previous employers because of the great atmosphere there is at work; and year after year I have enjoyed seeing how warmly summer trainees are welcomed and how nice the general work environment is.

Ensto has been a great employer during all these summers, and I really hope to get a summer job also in the future, whether it is in the safe and familiar environment of customer service or immersed in entirely new challenges. Currently, my most important goal is to get accepted into business school. Where I end up after, is something I cannot know yet, but nevertheless, I will always remember the valuable lessons I got thanks to Ensto and its employees during these summers.