Hannele Kenkkilä, Product Development Engineer, Finland

I’m Hannele Kenkkilä. I’ve been studying industrial design (Bachelor’s degree) and mechanical engineering (Master’s degree). My majors were product development and production technology. I’ve been working at Ensto full time almost two years but got familiar with Ensto almost 10 years ago.

My path to Ensto has included several steps. I have been trainee for two summers; first my range of responsibility was industrial design and after a couple of years in engineering studies, I worked as engineer and project manager in a summer project. After the latter trainee period, I stayed in Ensto as part-time worker beside last studies in university. I also did my Master thesis to Utility Networks. Nowadays I work at product development department with underground and overheadline solutions. I work both as a designer and as a project manager depending on projects.

My work week on the average includes good combination of office and hands-on working. I work by the computer while 3d modelling, simulating and also writing a lot of e-mails and reports. The other side of my work is proto-building and testing at the workshop. My work is quite international even though I do not travel much. At the moment I have few projects that include project members in three different countries and two different continents. It is both challenging and rewarding and keeps my English up to date.

Ensto spirit to me is easy-going atmosphere and people who are willing and able to help in any situation.

How does Ensto stand out from other workplaces?

For me the biggest differences are co-operation with UN laboratory which really help to develop quality products and for example making benchmarking instead of using outsourced laboratories. Also the fact that factory is behind the wall, easies development work.

For me my team and other co-workers make Ensto the best workplace. We have quite heterogenic team what comes to education background and career histories. This means that we have experts in many fields close to us and everybody can learn new things almost daily. Ensto has also quite active hobby clubs and other employee benefits. Also education is highly supported so you can enhance your professional skills all the time.
Professionally I hope to get to know the product range I’m working with. I also hope to get to work in interesting and challenging projects and increase my professionalism.