David Hinaux, Project Manager, France

I was born in the northern part of France, in Rheims, which is famous for its Champagne. Interested in mathematics and technical fields, I attended an Electrical Engineering school in Grenoble, the capital city of the Alps (it was also the best way to learn skiing!). Just after graduation, I joined Novexia's R&D Department as a Product Manager, and I have been working in the company for 10 years now. Many things have changed in the last years, especially when Novexia joined the Ensto Group in 2010. In October 2012, I was promoted to Manager of the “Electrical Engineering Support Activity” department. My mission consists in providing technical support for our ranges of products (overhead switches, circuit-breakers, panel boards, etc.) to all other departments of Ensto Novexia in Villefranche-sur-Saône.

  • This involves a lot of daily challenges:
  • develop and adapt our current products in the technical department
  • write and maintain technical documentations for ERDF
  • handle issues from the production assembling lines or deviations in incoming goods inspection
  • support our purchasers and approve parts from new suppliers provide technical expertise to the sales teams: handle customer questions, fulfil technical offers, follow customer end-products acceptances and tests
  • help our quality department and after-sales department in case of quality issues, audits, or investigations in case of litigations
  • perform technical trainings and products presentations

Another main part of my job is to manage, adapt and promote products from other Ensto factories, in order to push them onto the French market. Communication with ERDF, technical negotiations, products adaptations, relationship with external laboratories for testing, and creation of technical documentation are under my responsibility. Our first success in that field was reached at the end of 2013 when the SLIW range of Insulation Piercing Connectors was qualified by ERDF. Today, we are working on Tension Clamps and Cold Shrink Terminations; and approvals expected for next year!

Working in Ensto Novexia today, brings another dimension to my daily work, with the development of other products and accessories for electrical networks, but also through international exchanges, opportunities to discover and share with foreign people. This is a good opportunity to open my mind to other ways of working and thinking, and improve my English of course!

From my point of view, it's important to have trust and friendly relationships between colleagues, at work and after work! It's fully achieved within the Ensto group with all the persons I have met! I can also get in touch with them on HeiaHeia, a sports-related social networking website and wellness motivator, which is very lively within Ensto!