Meet Ensto's Wellness Motivator

Who are you, and what do you do at Ensto?
Hi, my name is Barbro Pousár, but people usually call me "Babo". I work for Ensto in Porvoo, Finland, as a product management coordinator for the Utility Networks unit. I have worked for Ensto for 8 years now, of which I have already spent more than 2 years working for the UN unit.

When did you become Ensto's "Wellness Motivator"?
I have been Ensto's Wellness Motivator since the beginning of April of this year, and I will work in this position for the duration of one year. 

How is wellbeing present in your own life?
Wellbeing can be seen in my life especially through a healthy lifestyle, I try to eat healthily and to exercise as much as possible. I myself enjoy moving a lot, I practice cross-country skiing, rollerblading, running, cycling and golf among other activities. But out of these activities, my favorite ones include skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer, I try to cycle a lot.

In your position, what would you like to give Ensto and its employees?
I would like Ensto's employees to understand how important it is to look after their health; this can be achieved through healthy lifestyles and plentiful exercise. Ensto's has joined HeiaHeia, a sport's application and platform for sharing and logging physical activities and workouts, and see those of other users. I am pleased to see how active Ensto's employees are there. I myself like following their activities, I like their results and achievements and encourage them to keep going of course!

Do you have any plans you would like to fulfil during your year as Ensto's Wellness Motivator?
Yes! We have already organized a competition aiming to get as many employees as possible to exercise a minimum of 2,5 hours a week. The World Health Organization has suggested that a minimum amount of 2,5 hours of physical exercise should be achieved weekly, as studies show that by exercising a minimum of 2,5 hours a week, people can significantly reduce their chances of contracting heard and vascular diseases.
I am very happy that Ensto's employees care about their health and participated very actively in this campaign by posting their results on HeiaHeia. During the campaign, a total of 51 persons achieved the minimum target of 2,5 hours of physical exercise a week, with the average weekly amount of exercise being 3,3 hours. A certain Ensto employee even managed to clock in 77 hours and 58 minutes of physical exercise. I can only be pleased about these results; in fact, prizes were awarded to the top performers of this competition.

One of the tasks of Ensto's Wellness Motivator is to motivate people to move and exercise more through these campaigns; can you tell us a little more about the upcoming campaigns?
New campaigns are on their way; the next one is scheduled for the fall of 2016, but details are still secret, so I cannot talk about it just yet! In addition to these campaigns, I function as the contact person for various sports-related events internally within Ensto. For example, Ensto participated in the Helsinki City Run (half marathon) during the spring of 2016 and we will be involved in the Midnight Run event in September.

Do you have any specific message you would like to pass on to Ensto's employees and readers of Ensto's webpages?
Yes, I do. Very concisely, I would say that it all starts from daily physical activities. By walking more, going up stairs by foot and doing other daily physical activities you can already achieve a lot and significantly improve your wellbeing.

Ensto's  slogan is "Ensto Saves Your Energy" – how is this present in your personal life?
In my case, energy savings can be seen in the fact that after every work day I always turn off my computer and my screen. At home, we use a lot of Ensto's products, we have many energy saving lighting solutions for example, and it is through choices like this that I attempt to save energy.

Ensto Wellness Motivator is a position of trust appointed to one person at a time, for a period of one year. The task of the Wellness Motivator is to spread the word of the importance of functional exercising and through different campaigns motivation Ensto personnel to exercise.