Quality and Environmental Policy

Ensto is an international family business which designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Being part of Ensto family

We build our business on people and our values on a long-term basis. We value diversity, openness and competence of our people, meaningful work and professional leadership. We treat each other with respect and welcome new employees warmly to the Ensto family. Trust, taking responsibility and keeping promises are the basis for all our actions.

Customer needs and expectations as quality drivers

We work for customer satisfaction and focus on customer care. Our customers' needs and expectations, lead us in finding smart solutions to build added value to their business. Our products and services are advanced, highly energy-efficient, reliable and with a long lifetime and a low lifecycle impact on environment. Product, service and business process quality is a matter of honor to us.

Responsibility in the supply chain

We follow Ensto policies and are committed to comply with respective legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements. We are committed to promote responsible practices in our supply chain, while ensuring that our sourcing and supplier relationships deliver a competitive advantage. We expect our suppliers and partners to respect our values, policies and way of doing business when engaging in business activities with us.

Environmental protection in the heart of operations

We concentrate our Environmental Management efforts in the areas that account for most of our environmental impact to effectively enhance our overall performance; namely the use of raw materials, the consumption of electricity and the generation of non-recyclable waste. Our goal is to minimize the
adverse environmental impacts of our operations throughout the entire value chain and the life cycle of our products and services.

Focus on sustainable profitable growth and continuous improvement

We strive for sustainable, profitable growth for ensuring long term stakeholder value creation. We develop our portfolio, business models and processes by encouraging creativity, using advanced development methods and working together with our customers and other partners. To reach continuous improvement we monitor our business environment, set targets, measure the progress on regular basis and learn from the feedback.

Quality and Environmental Policy (pdf)